Equipment leasing and finance – gear up for success

Tired, unreliable plant can slow you down and hold back your business. New equipment can boost your efficiency, helping you work smarter with less downtime and better cash flow.

At Cashflow Finance we get it. So let’s go!

If you are an existing Cashflow Finance customer, setting yourself up with the new equipment your business needs to earn and grow couldn’t be simpler or more streamlined:

  • No financials are needed for existing customers
  • Turnaround is fast, with approvals often delivered in less than 24 hours
  • We consider all equipment, both new and used
  • Deal with the team you know for great service and communication

Investing in new plant and equipment can be expensive and represent a real hit to your capital. Let’s talk about updating without that big hit so that you can work with the latest and best, move ahead and realise your full business potential. It’s all about having access to the right tools for the job – so contact us today and let’s get moving.