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  • Cash in one hour through our invoice finance solutions

    Unlock funds from your outstanding sales invoices through Cashflow Finance Australia

  • Fast, flexible invoice finance solutions

    Why wait days or weeks for your customers to pay when you could be paid in one hour?

  • 30 years of providing finance solutions to businesses

    We have supported thousands of Australian businesses in achieving their goals

Australia's Invoice Finance Experts

Cashflow Finance Australia provide businesses with a fast, effective way to access funds from their unpaid sales invoices. As there's no waiting for customers to pay, this up-front finance has allowed businesses to meet operational costs, take on new deals and put growth back into their business. 

There’s no lengthy approval processes and no need to tie up the value of their property as security. Our clients always deal with experienced, friendly staff and we don't offer an inflexible “one size fits all” product.

As the longest-established invoice finance company, we are experts in our field and take pride in our speed of service and our experienced, friendly sales and operations team. As our facilities are tailor-made to suit a business’s individual financial needs, we are the first choice for hundreds of Australian businesses. 

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What our clients say

  • “It has been an absolute pleasure working with the team at Cashflow Finance. I am more than impressed with the friendliness and responsiveness of the staff I have dealt with. I would go as far to say they have set the benchmark in customer support. Cashflow Finance got us through a rather difficult time as a company and their ongoing support is appreciated by all. I would highly Cashflow Finance recommend any type of business.”
    Location: NSW    |     Industry: Labour Hire
  • “What makes Cashflow Finance stand head and shoulders above their competition is the amazing relationship with have with our Account Manager and support staff. They make the effort to really understand our business and it’s idiosyncrasies.”
    Location: North QLD    |     Industry: Courier Service
  • "Our company finally engaged the services of Cashflow Finance late 2011 and we haven't looked back.Cashflow Finance has improved the daily running of our business beyond our wildest thoughts, I feel the staff at Cashflow finance are so very helpful and great to work with. They really are an extension of our business. Cashflow has helped to streamline our Invoice procedure and debt."
    Location: North QLD    |     Industry: Transportation Company
  • “Firstly, I would like to say all of the staff are amazing. They are so friendly and helpful whenever we need anything! The team works in such a close-knit group. You get to know them all pretty quickly and they take the time to learn about each other’s accounts as well as their own. I’m extremely happy with the service and find it so easy to use. I would definitely recommend Cashflow Finance to all business’s that need a helping hand.”
    Location: VIC   |     Industry: Telecommunications Company
  • “Cashflow Finance has proven to be one of the healthiest financial decisions we have ever made as “consecutive” business owners. We love the flexibility of maintaining personal contact and control of our customers and sales, along with being 100% supported by the Cashflow Finance team via personalised service. I would have no hesitation in singing praise for Cashflow Finance’s product and the outstanding team that support it.”
    Location: WA   |     Industry:  Wholesale Trades Client
  • "Having been associated with Cashflow Finance Australia for the last 12 months, we cannot express what an absolute pleasure it has been to have worked with our Account Manager. It could have been a very daunting experience had it not been for the wonderful assistance that they have provided us. Nothing is too hard, nothing takes too long, no question is too silly. Cashflow Finance Australia is always a pleasure to communicate with."

    Location: North QLD   |     Industry:  Tipper Hire 

  • "Cashflow Finance has helped our business tremendiously. The friendly team at Cashflow Finance could only be described as professional and always willing and able to be of assistance. We would strongly recommend their services to anyone in business."

    Location: North QLD   |     Industry:  Transport

  • "What makes Cashflow Finance stand head and shoulders above their competition is the amazing relationship we have with our Account Manager and support staff. Cashflow Finance always make the effort to understand our business and it's idiosyncrasies. I would recommend them to any small business looking for this service."

    Location:  TAS   |     Industry:  Courier Service

  • "Cashflow Finance Australia is ideal for companies such as ours to enhance their cashflow reates within the business in order to meet weekly demands such as wages, taxes and superannuation. The staff at Cashflow Finance are excellent and their service is faultless."

    Location:  North QLD  |     Industry:  Commercial Laundry

  • "We first came across Cashflow through a few long term suppliers that we had, they gave us rave reviews and claimed it saved them time, money and stress. The start-up was relatively painless considering the 'hoops' most businesses have to jump through nowadays and with the patience of the team at Cashflow Finance it was a bonus. It has not only saved time (which is money!) but it has also given us the opportunity to diversify our services and incread our marketing."
    Location:  NT  |     Industry:  Mining
  • "We have been dealing with Cashflow Finance for two years plus, and have found them to be very helpful, courteous, understanding and always there when needed. We feel that they have become a very valuable part of our business, and I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for a partner in your business..."

    Location:  VIC  |     Industry:  Recruitment 

  • "Our company has used the services of Cashflow Finance since 2010. We have found the team to be professional and very helpful."

    Location:  WA  |     Industry:  Data Management 

  • "We made a decision to look at invoice finance through Cashflow Finance at the suggestion from our accountant. Although our bank suggested we use their processes we decided to use Cashflow Finance instead. We have found better flexiblity , accounting information and better debt recovery as a direct result of using Cashflow invoice financing. There is no requirement to have real estate or other collateral as guarantee. Our cashflow in the business has improved. Their friendly team are available to answer our questions, sort out any problems and works with our accountant and office manage to achieve the best results.  Cashflow are very professional in their business dealings with us and any issues are soon addressed and resolved. I cannot recommend this company more highly to any business looking to go down this path of finance."

    Location:  SA  |     Industry: Heavy Vehicle Maintenance 

  • "Cashflow Finance Australia has enabled our company to utilise funds immediately, which has enabled our business to grow, without the stress, and without waiting for customer payments.The professional and competent staff make everyday transactions easy and they are always helpful. I feel I have a great working relationship with the team at Cashflow Finance and would recommend them to any business looking for Invoice Finance."

    Location:  NSW  |     Industry: Vineyard

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