The basics of Trade Financing

Trade Financing can supply importers, distributors and wholesalers with as much as 100 percent of supplier costs on international orders. It’s simple.

Once you have received a purchase order from your customer, we use it as collateral to offer you a line of credit to your suppliers. It’s important to note that it is your customer’s credit worthiness that is judged – your trade credit is based on the opportunity at hand rather than your own credit standing.

When your order is complete, you invoice for goods dispatched and also forward a copy to us – we then fund the invoice using a debtor finance facility and repay the trade finance facility immediately. Your customer has 90 days to pay us, after which the balance or profit is paid to you.

How Trade Financing can benefit you

Every business is different, but virtually any business needing to access credit quickly can benefit through trade finance – it’s fast, flexible and we can tailor an agreement to meet your unique needs.

Trade finance offers ‘end-to-end’ funding from the moment your customer orders right through to the day they pay – no gaps!

Other benefits include:

  • No more upfront deposits paid to suppliers
  • The ability to accept larger orders in the knowledge you will be able to fulfill them
  • Keep working capital aside for wages, materials and overheads
  • No need for a bank loan application – which might be rejected

Stop turning down business, start taking on those big orders and growing your business. Call us today to find out more about how trade finance can help your business.

Solutions for Steady Cash Flow!

A popular form of working capital for small business, trade financing provides a vital and steady cash flow to companies.

It’s no secret that consistent cash flow keeps businesses going strong, as companies continue their journey towards steady growth.

We work with businesses in Victoria, Queensland, New South Wales and across Australia, providing them with cash flow financing solutions, helping them unlock the cash tied up in unpaid invoices.

If you’d like to learn more about trade finance services and how you can avail these facilities, get in touch with us today!