Ever been told not to grow your business too quickly. Don’t believe it and here’s why!

“We’ve seen over 1,000 business owners just like you. Trying to grow their business by accessing the cheapest finance, looking just at cost. Listening to and believing the false truths about growth and having their business slow because of it. Put simply they are missing opportunity every second. It’s this that led them to seek a new way, they discovered there is a better way to scale their business. Which in turn actually makes their lives easier, not harder. They have time to think and plan as well as achieve their own goals and ambitions, to deliver financial freedom for themselves and their families. Quicker!

What they have discovered is that a dollar is only worth a dollar, it’s the system, the support and the energy that the finance mechanism provides that adds the value. That’s why they are able to achieve the results they are. It’s through working with these business over time that created the blueprint for development of the 5-step process to maximise B2B business growth. This system sees business define their cash flow challenges and make significant improvement to take cash flow challenges out of their business.

The five step cashflow process to growth:

  1. Assess the possible symptoms, suffering from lack of cash flow, poor management of cash flow or bad credit choices.
  2. Diagnose what combination of symptoms do we need to combat.
  3. Prescribe the strategy and mechanism that is designed to cure the issues with your business cash flow.
  4. Ongoing health check, making sure we maintain the strategy and follow the processes designed to transform your business.
  5. Accelerate health, once the business is operating in its new way then we can really focus on accelerating business growth at previously unattainable rates.

You can do it the old way and the hard way, it is possible to grow a business like that, it takes time and the success rate is pretty grim. Only 7% of business go from classified as small to big business. Working with hundreds of clients our preferred lender has perfected the easier way, over that time they’ve grown to be a 65+ strong team of specialists in the area of cashflow acceleration, cashflow management and risk protection. They are designed to help businesses grow, no matter where the starting point is.

This allows them to support clients in achieving phenomenal results. Some clients have grown 30% revenue year on year for 3 years and actually increased their profit margin while doing it. Others have gone from $0 to $5,000,000 revenue and $600,000 profit in their first year!

We are giving you the opportunity to access step 1 of the 5-step process completely free of charge. Click the link below to access the unique accounting sync system ‘link and learn”, connect your cloud accounting software and you will be provided with the free assessment to help you understand which are the main symptoms impacting your business growth potential. Don’t want to connect, simply follow the manual option instead.